Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors Manufacturer

UNIVERSAL specially designed additives formulated to inhibit the deposition of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and other mineral scales on downhole tubular and associated surface equipment. We are the variety of scale inhibitors manufacturer in India.



UNISCALE SAFE is designed to provide superior stabilization of
a) Calcium Carbonate
b) Calcium Sulfate
c) Barium Sulfate
d) Strontium Sulfate like scales. In addition, Scale Inhibitor is a strong dispersant in keeping the silt and commonly encountered inorganic particles suspended and in preventing their settling out onto heat transfer surfaces.



UNIDET DRS is a concentrated Liquid blend of several highly active formulated chemicals which is used as a drilling mud detergent. The product finds application in all water-based drilling fluid systems. UNIDET DRS reduces the surface tension and it is a powerful wetting agent. The reduction in surface tension promotes the setting of the mud pH and reduced the balling of shale cutting resulting in an increase in the penetration rate. UNIDET DRS acts as a good emulsifier and lowers the torque and drag.



UNIBRINE SI is designed to work in all brines that contain zinc to help prevent the deposition of scale UNIBRINE SI is specifically formulated to work with UNICORE 45 corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion cell formation on unprotected metal exposed to high density brines.

UNIBRINE SI exhibits the threshold effect in which large numbers of multivalent cations are kept in solution by a small concentration of an inhibitor. The threshold effect exhibited by UNIBRINE SI scale inhibitor helps prevent the initial scale deposition on unprotected metal U remains effective long enough to allow a companion product, UNICORE 45 corrosion inhibitor, to fully coat the clean metal surface and helps prevent long term corrosion



UNIPPD 100 is a carboxylic copolymer used for various water treatment and industrial applications. It is highly effective as Dispersant and Scale Inhibitor in Industrial Water Treatment and Cooling Water Treatment as well as in all types of water-based formulations. It’s a low molecular weight polymer has a good anti-gelling capacity and so has best calcium trapping ability working over a wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation. The product is non-phosphorus; non-foaming dispersant and has good environmental acceptability.

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