Pipe freeing Agent

Pipe-Freeing Agents and Surfactant

UNIVERSAL provides chemical solutions designed to free pipe once it has become stuck. We offer pipe-freeing compounds for use as spotting or soaking fluids for all types of drilling fluids. We has developed an extensive line of surfactants—also referred to as surface-active agents—that reduce interfacial tension between water/oil, water/solid, water/air, and other contacting surfaces. Our range of HSE-acceptable surfactants includes emulsifiers, wetting agents, and inhibitive agents.



UNIDD has application in all drilling areas and can be used in virtually any water-base drilling fluid. It is used primarily in upper-hole drilling to minimize bit and Bottom-

Hole Assembly (BHA) balling, reduce surface tension, and aid in dropping sand and the removal of drill solids. It may be used as an emulsifier at any point in the drilling operation to improve emulsification of oil and reduce the viscosity of oil-contaminated fluids.



In acidizing treatments UNIDC  is typically applied to the acid during loading operations at rates of 2 to 5 gallons per thousand gallons of acid. When applied in matrix squeeze treatments UNIDC is mixed in water brine or alcohol at a load rate of 1 to 2 gallons per barrel of fluid.

Specific load rates vary according to the type of treatment being performed, emulsifying characteristics of the oil encountered in the formation, the treating fluid, and the quantity of solids generated during acidizing. Pilot testing is recommended with the test fluids to determine the optimum usage rates for specific treatments.



Aqueous blend of surface-active agents can be used in any water base drilling fluid to reduce surface tension, reduce the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings, minimize bit & BHA balling and reduce torque and drag.



Effective additive to free the differentially stuck pipe in a shorter period of time, by cracking and penetrating the filter cake.



Single pack liquid blend, easy to mix and quickly prepare weighted oil base spotting fluid to free differently stuck pipe. Dehydrates and cracks the filter cakes, allowing the spotting fluid to penetrate between drillstring and formation, wets & lubricates the drillstring and reduces the force required to free stuck pipe.



Low-toxicity spotting fluid used for environmentally sensitive offshore and onshore wells, to free differently stuck pipe by penetrating between the wall and drillstring, reduces torque & drag and provides metal wetting characteristics.



UNICLEAN detergent full-strength or slightly diluted as a rig and equipment wash when using oil-based mud. For use as a general rig and engine degreaser, regardless of mud type, apply full-strength or dilute with water as needed. Detergent and degreaser for oil mud clean up and cuttings wash



One sack powder blend, easy to handle and store at rig sites, an effective additive for freeing differently stuck pipe, can be mixed with diesel oil, mineral oil or synthetic fluids and weighted to the desired density before spotting.