Flocculants Manufacturer

UNIVERSAL specially formulated flocculants used to increase the viscosity of water-based drilling fluids to enhance hole cleaning. Our flocculants are also used to increase bentonite yield and to clarify or dewater low-solids fluids. Universal Drilling Fluid is Flocculants Manufacturer in India.

Flocculants Manufacturer in India

This filtration aid suspends oil-base-mud solids in clear-brine fluids for effective transportation from the well.


UNIFLOC flocculate and settle out dispersed formation solids in clear fluids and conventional drilling fluids. UNIFLOC helps inhibit the dispersion of formation clays and cuttings. UNIFLOC Helps reduce the build-up of formation solids in mud systems. UNIFLOC reduce dilution rates required to maintain properties


UNIGEL-EXT is used to increase the viscosity of bentonite at the job site. The amount of viscosity generated will depend on the amount of bentonite and drill solids contain in the drilling fluid.

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