Alkalinity Control

Alkalinity Control Manufacturer

UNIVERSAL provides a suite of additives designed to control the degree of acidity or alkalinity Control in drilling fluids. We are Alkalinity Control Manufacturer and supplier in India.

Alkalinity Control manufacturer

Soda ash

Sodium carbonate as a source of carbonate ions to precipitate & remove soluble calcium from water base fluids and makeup waters. Provide effective treatment for Calcium Contamination particularly due to Anhydrite, increases pH and flocculates spud mud.

Citric acid

Reduce pH and removes calcium to pre-treat or remedy cement contamination, sequesters soluble iron to prevent polymer crosslinking in the drilling fluid system.


Economical source of calcium and alkalinity in water and oil base muds. Flocculating agent in spud mud for improved hole cleaning removes soluble carbonate ions, controls corrosion and activates fatty acid in oil base mud.

Lime O

Used as a source of alkalinity to elevate pH, buffer aqueous fluids at high pH, flocculate bentonite, precipitate soluble carbonate ions, and saponify fatty acid emulsifiers.

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide as a pH buffering agent promotes temperature stability and enhances the rheological and filtration properties of water-based drilling fluid at high temperature.

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